08 April 2019

On 28 March 2019, Ministry of Education Arts and Culture received a donation of close to 5 000 school books worth more than N$700 000. The handover ceremony of the donation made by Omahongero mEpukiro Initiative took place at the National Library of Namibia in Windhoek.

Omahongero mEpukiro Initiative, which means “Education in Epukiro” in Otjiherero, is a book donation campaign that aims to promote the pass rate and the reading culture among future professionals in Epukiro Constituency. Four schools in Omaheke region are to benefit from the donation.

The Deputy Executive Director: Life Long Learning, Arts and Culture at MoEAC, Ms Veno Kauaria, highlighted the importance of reading books to children during her keynote address. It is scientifically proven that reading books from an early age equip children with vocabulary to communicate at high levels and excel at problem-solving. It also improves and builds children’s self-esteem as well as social awareness. Books in general open the imagination and ignite creativity among the children.

The Initiative was made possible with the generous assistance and donations from Namibia Publishing House and Macmillan Education Namibia, Waldorf School Windhoek, Catherine Bullen Foundation, Komeho Namibia Development Agency, Mech Repair Center and many other individuals. The donation is aimed to support teaching and learning as well as cultivating the love of reading among our learners. Ms. Veno hoped that other institutions and communities will take the good example set by the Omahongero mEpukiro Initiative. She urged people to give back to their community so that they can meet the Government half way for the future of the Namibian children.

Furthermore, the donation will immensely contribute towards the development of life learning at the schools and consequently support the national curriculum for basic education. In her closing remarks, Ms. Veno, on behalf of the MoEAC, expressed her sincere gratitude to the Initiative for playing an important role in the life of the Namibian child and to the sponsors, specifically Namibia Publishing House and Macmillan Education Namibia, for our generous contribution to the Initiative. “When you give a child a book, you are contributing to the knowledge of that child, and whatever that child consumed from that book, it will never be taken away!” Ms. Veno emphasised. We at Namibia Publishing House and Macmillan Education Namibia are committed to supporting the Government in promoting the reading culture in the country and shaping the future of all Namibian children.