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Macmillan Education Namibia is at the forefront of innovation, supporting the transition of the traditional Namibian classroom into a blended learning environment – offering print, digital and online products.

Our Solid Foundation series

It has been two years since the introduction of the New Curriculum in Namibia in 2014 Namibia Publishing House, as part of the Macmillan Education Family, is proud to say that we have been there every step of the way, supporting the implementation of the New Curriculum with our approved titles in the Solid Foundations series for Junior Primary through Senior Primary and now including Junior Secondary Phase.

Our Solid Foundations series of textbooks for Grades 1 ̶ 7 has been very successful so far and has now extended to include titles for Grades 8 ̶ 9. All textbooks in the series establish a uniform standard for the whole of Namibia to equip all learners with knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them excel in future grades. Apart from receiving very favourable reports from NIED, our approved books cater for the needs of the Namibian child, taking into consideration its learning environment, and give full support to our teachers who often struggle with limited resources at schools.

You should use Macmillan Education as your content specialist as our textbooks:

  • make understanding and implementing the new revised curriculum easy
  • are visually engaging and stimulating
  • make teaching and learning fun and easy
  • address teaching, learning and assessment on different cognitive levels
  • develop critical thinking and problem solving
  • give attention to learning barriers in order to support all learners
  • provide scaffolding exercises and homework activities which progress from easier questions to more difficult questions in manageable steps
  • cater for learners across the spectrum in terms of language proficiency and abilities
  •  include reading that expands and develops young minds.

We believe that support for teachers is fundamental to successful teaching and learning and therefore all our textbooks are supplemented with Teacher Guides. These guides should be used in conjunction with the Learner’s Book to provide the teacher with practical and creative solutions to challenges which might be encountered in the classroom.

eBooks and digital products

A variety of ebooks and digital books are available on request. Please contact us for a comprehensive list of materials available in ebook and digital formats.

International products

Namibia Publishing House is very proud to be the agent for a number of international publishers such as: Hodder Education, Rising Stars and Eleanor Curtain. We also sell books from our sister companies, Macmillan UK and Macmillan Australia.

Hodder Education is a leading publisher for the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) curriculum requirements. They work hand-in-hand with the CIE to ensure that their books are produced to exact curriculum standards and are therefore also endorsed by the CIE.  Most CIE schools in Southern Africa who teach CIE use Hodder material as their books are content rich and visually engaging.

Rising Stars and Eleanor Curtain are exceptional product developers for literacy which can be used to enhance learners’ language abilities alongside any curriculum they are using. 

Similarly, Macmillan UK and Australia have excellent resources which are valuable assets to any schools.


Most learners in Namibia are not learning in their home language. This means that they immediately face a barrier to learning in terms of a limited vocabulary. Dictionaries are a vital resource in our classrooms, and being able to use a dictionary with speed will help all of our learners in all of their subjects.

Namibia Publishing House has a huge range of dictionaries that cater for all ages. Learners start with a picture dictionary, and will move upwards to a more complex and detailed dictionary for senior learners.