11 October 2018

As the year slowly draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the work our NPH  and Macmillan Education Namibia Team have done in 2018.

1.   We worked hard to develop high-quality materials for the Senior Secondary Phase: the results are 8 approved Solid Foundations Grades 10 and 11  titles for NSSCO out of 11 submitted! That is a great success for us all!

2.    We also travelled across all regions to promote these newly approved titles, distributing promotional copies to Senior Secondary Schools and attending several workshops for the new curriculum implementation.

3. We published a Second Edition of the highly popular Le Roux and Müller's Field Guide to the Trees & Shrubs of Namibia, launched in July.

4.  We also made book donations to various schools and libraries across the country and supported several prize-giving ceremonies for best-performing learners, including the Regional Awards Ceremony held in Otjiwarongo in April.

5.   We donated funds to the Cheetah Conservation Fund!

It has been a difficult year for the Namibian economy, with budget cuts affecting education most. With that, we would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture for continuously relying on Namibia Publishing House and Macmillan Education Namibia for provision of quality affordable materials for our learners and teachers. We look forward to your continued support in 2019!