It has only been a few weeks since the announcement of the submission results for the Junior Secondary Phase materials and the teachers are already keen to place their orders. It was therefore a great opportunity for the publishers to attend yesterday's Textbook Exhibition organised by the Directorate of Education, Arts and Culture and hosted at the hall of the Chairman Mao Zedong High School in Otjomuise, Windhoek.

Teachers from the majority of schools in Windhoek and surrounding areas were present at the exhibition, as were Senior Education Officers and Heads of Departments. Namibia Publishing House made the most of this opportunity to promote our newly approved SOLID FOUNDATIONS materials for Grades 8-9, give out full sets of promotional copies of the books and posters to schools, and interact with teachers.

At the same time, our devoted marketing team, Nikanor, Vaino and Irvin, have been visiting schools throughout the country, doing exactly the same: distributing promotional copies of the SOLID FOUNDATIONS series of textbooks, posters and our 2016-2018 Catalogues for our approved materials.

We are confident that teachers will now be able to make informed decisions about their choice of textbooks for school year 2017 and will join NPH in building our nation on SOLID FOUNDATIONS!