Farming In Namibia Trade Title

Publisher Namibia Publishing House
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Print ISBN 9789991625157
When I was asked to write this book about farming in Namibia, I accepted the task knowing I could write about my personal experiences in farming during my stay in this country. However I had to make numerous enquiries and use research going back at least two decades in the USA, Europe as well as Africa and Asia. For this I wish to say thank you to the many authors and research facilities from all over the world for their time spent in this field to make farming a more rewarding experience. l especially appreciate the contribution of Mr E S Pillay from the United Kingdom; he spent valuable time in Namibia assisting me with agricultural research.
l wrote this book with the people of Africa in mind to hopefully help them try new modern methods for successful farmand gardening, as my contribution to making them help themselves and their fellow human beings.