Responding to the invitation by the Namibia Training Authority (NTA), we have expanded our successful Solid Foundations series of textbooks to include teaching-learning and supplementary materials to enhance the quality of training in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Namibia.

The Solid Foundations series for the NTA is based on the new vocational curriculum for the selected subjects. Approved by the Namibia Training Authority, the series aims to comprehensively cover the requirements of the curriculum in the form of Student’s Books that:

  • cover all the elements and performance criteria, as specified in the Unit Standards for all NTA levels for the subject, arranged in the most logical and efficient sequence
  • present content that is current, accessible and at the appropriate language level
  • include activities to practise the concepts taught in the content
  • provide chapter summaries that give a quick overview of the most important points covered in the chapter
  • contain a wide range of revision and practical activities at the end of each chapter
  • give definitions of key concepts and difficult vocabulary
  • offer ‘Tip’ and ‘Remember’ boxes that give practical advice and highlight important information
  • include answers to activities, a glossary of key words and a comprehensive index.

The Solid Foundations NTA Levels Student’s Books facilitate development of sustainable skills for young Namibians to be able to join the Namibian workforce with confidence, meet the needs of industries with a high level of professionalism and positively contribute to our nation’s economy.