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Over the years, Pat Honeyborne published a number of articles and contributions on a wide range of subjects in publications such as the SWA Annual and the Windhoek Advertiser. It would appear that it was always his intention to have these published in one volume, as this book is based on a collection of typescripts
Some merely revised, some new altogether - which he compiled. After his death, the file containing these typescripts and the first attempts at sourcing relevant photographic material was acquired by John Bester and submitted for publication with the consent and assistance of Pat Honeyborne's children, Patrick and Cherry. Had it not been for this twist of events, a considerable part of Pat Honeyborn writings would have been lost to posterity. Given the fact that the content of this volume covers a period of some fifty years, there were instances where more recent research has provided new insights that were not available to the author at the time. Where possible, such information was worked directly into the text so as not to interrupt the flow of the narrative, and to retain the spirit of the time in which the texts were written. Every effort was made to illustrate this volume with contemporary photographs, although this was not always possible and it proved necessary in some cases to use more recent photographic material. Since some of the material used is part of private collections - including that of Pat Honeyborn himself - it was not always possible to determine the photographer, and such material could only be acknowledged as being part of a specific collection.