Go and Come Back Home Trade Title

Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 63.42
Print ISBN 9789991601267
The history of the Namibian nation is one of a brave people on the continent of Africa. A century of colonial domination and inhuman suffering did not succeed in permanently suppressing the deep yearn for freedom and self-determination.
Our ancestors and forefathers stood firm against fascism and apartheid evils imposed on them and later on us. We all stood against those odds and emerged as a strong leadership, and as a nation. The book Go and Come Back Home: A Namibian 's Journey into Exile and Back is a true story by a founder member of SWAPO who was one of the first SWAPO medical doctors, a former Deputy Minister, and a member of the first National Assembly of the Republic of Namibia. The book embraces rich moments of life in exile, war events, military conflict aspects, and recent features of pre- and post-independence. Dr Schivute, the author of the book, shares with us, amongst other things, factual experiences that are a fa cry from medicine and healing, yet his love for this calling shines through in all he writes. The book is an appreciable piece of work which strongly stimulates those who also wish to write. Many of us are fast approaching a period when it will be necessary to begin writing our autobiographies, and I feel this book will be of value to us all. I would there for recommend to any politician, leader, researcher, historian, teacher, student and, indeed, anyone else to read the book. They will find it is motivating, stimulating and most interesting. There is no doubt in my mind that they will enjoy reading Go and Come Back Home: A Namibian’s Journey into Exile and Back.