Namibia Born of the Sun Trade Title

Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 133.75
Print ISBN 9789991603865
This is the story of Muronga, a young man who has grown up in a Namibian village where his only contacts with the outside world have come from the local German Catholic missionaries. He accepts their teaching and Baptism with courtesy but is uneasy about their preaching about the “wrongs” of African culture.
The quiet, peaceful life changes dramatically when South African rulers of his country send their “Commissioner for Native Affairs” to the village. Everybody must now pay taxes, they are told. The solution: send their young men to work in the diamond and gold mines of the white man. Muronga and his friend, Kaye, volunteer on behalf of their village.Muronga is lonely in his strange new world. He and Kaye have been sent to different mines. Muronga comes to know the evils of apartheid. Gradually, as the miners become acquainted with other black workers through conversations at mealtime and secret meetings at night, they organize a people’s front to fight for their rights. Confrontations with the authorities result in imprisonments. Muronga and other friends from their village are reunited.In Botswana, where the government is in the hands of Africans, the men are offered the opportunity to escape from prison. They have two choices: go back to their villages or join the struggle for freedom and liberation of their country and their people. The second choice would mean giving up their families and former way of life for a totally unknown future.