Solid Foundations Design and Technology Teacher's Guide Grade 6

Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 230.26
Print ISBN 9789991627380
Solid Foundations Design and Technology Grade 6 aims to introduce Namibian learners to the subject of Design and Technology in a reader-friendly, accessible and interactive manner. This textbook is based on the latest Ministry of Education syllabus for the subject, which aims to give learners both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The textbook teaches learners the importance of Design and Technology as a part of the Namibian economy and way of life. It emphasises the development of field and how it has been used to better the lives of many as well as encourage entrepreneurial skills in learners.
Solid Foundations Design and Technology is a complete set with a Learner’s Book and a Teacher’s Guide for each grade. The Teacher’s Guide provides information to the teachers as well as new ideas for extra activities. This textbook includes the following features: Clear, easy to read text Full-colour illustrations and photographs Specific learning objectives at the start of each chapter to focus teaching and learning A range of practical individual and group activities that enable the learners to discover by doing Examples drawn from the local environment A cross-curricular approach, with links to Mathematics, Physical Science and Arts A chapter review that assesses the competencies laid out in the syllabus.