Solid Foundations Home Ecology Teacher's Guide Grade 6

Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 230.26
Print ISBN 9789991629520
Solid Foundations Home Ecology Grade 6 aims to introduce Namibian learners to the subject of Home Ecology in a reader-friendly, accessible and interactive manner. The textbook is based on the latest Ministry of Education syllabus for the subject which aims to give learners both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The textbook teaches learners the importance of the family in the Namibian society and focuses on practical living skills related to family life and work outside the family. The textbook also caters for the use of the subject to encourage entrepreneurial skills.
Solid Foundations Home Ecology is a complete set with a Learner’s Book and a Teacher’s Guide for each grade. The Teacher’s Guide provides information to the teachers as well as new ideas for extra activities. The textbook includes the following features: Clear, easy-to-read text. Full-colour illustrations. A summary of important facts at the end of each unit. Practical activities that encourage creative and aesthetic awareness and allow learners to experience the various topics in a fun and interactive manner. Group work projects, case studies, brainstorming sessions and discussions to allow learners to work cooperatively and constructively with others. As well as Cross-curricular issues Photocopiable content The use of low cost/no cost environmentally friendly material.