South West Africa to Namibia My Personal Struggle Trade Title

Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 119.95
Print ISBN 9789991627861
Fousy Shinana-Kambombo is a strong woman who writes with brutal honesty about her experiences. She describes herself as a ‘village girl’ who grew up in Epinga near the border with Angola, but a journey that started in the heat of Namibia’s liberation struggle has taken her far. Following her journey, the reader will find links to countries as diverse as Croatia, Finland, Laos and Nigeria.
Fousy provides a new perspective on her life as a SWAPO member, her journey into exile and her life in the camps. However, she also writes with a daring openness about the difficult subjects of sexual abuse and gender-based violence and her own personal experiences. Her ‘personal struggle’ provides insight into the thousands of individual struggles that took place within the Struggle and will, perhaps, give other Namibian women the courage to tell their stories.