The product of Trauma Trade Title

Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 77.21
Print ISBN 9789991627854
The Product of Trauma is a captivating autobiography by Veronika Hango. The book shows the psychological trauma she endured as a child, having witnessed her mother’s death at the hands of the colonial regime during the Namibian liberation struggle.Not only does Veronika portray the country’s efforts to fight against the South African government using powerful imagery, she is also able to focus on her own emotional battle to heal from the psychological wounds inflicted by the war.
Veronika writes with vivid details about the difficulties she experienced during and after the war. Through a collection of stories from her friends and relatives that lived during that time, she is able to capture the hopes, fears and the sacrifices of the Namibian people during the war to liberate their motherland. This is an honest and straightforward account of the ordeal many, now adult, Namibians experienced as children during the time our country struggled for freedom. This makes Veronica’s story easy to relate to and helps us understand the impact of war and its long-term effects on the society twenty-four years after independence.