Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 191.66
Print ISBN 9789991627458
The Solid Foundations Geography Grade 9 Learner’s Book is a great newly approved course for the Namibian learners in the Junior Secondary Phase. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Geography Syllabus developed by NIED for implementation in 2018.
The core components of the course, Learner’s Book and Teacher’s Guide, when used together, provide a complete coverage of the learning content of the syllabus and help teachers shape socially and environmentally sensitive learners as well as informed and responsible citizens of our country. Key features of the course include: Learner-centred education Promotion of inclusive education, gender equity and cross-curricular issues Activities to support multi-ability learning Support for learners with special needs or learning difficulties Ideas for the use of low/no cost materials for each topic Specifically designed practical exercises and projects for continuous assessment Theme assessment activities Additional content for the teacher in the form of topic tests and end-of-term tests. The Solid Foundations Geography Grade 9 course provides excellent coverage of the new curriculum and will equip learners with confidence and broad awareness of the world we live in.