Publisher Namibia Publishing House
Print Price N$ 172.36
Print ISBN 9789991626130
The Solid Foundations Life Science Grade 9 Learner’s Book is part of an exciting new series for learners in the Junior Secondary Phase. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Life Science Syllabus developed by NIED for implementation in 2018. The Learner’s Book is fully supported by the Teacher’s Guide. Together they provide excellent coverage of the new curriculum and aim to help learners understand the value and limitations of natural scientific knowledge and methods and their application to daily life. Key features of the Learner’s Book include: Learner-centred education Life Science Grade 9 Promotion of inclusive education, gender equity and cross-curricular issues Variety of stimulating activities Summary and revision activity at the end of each topic. Key features of the Teacher’s Guide include: Ideas how to support multi-ability learning Support for learners with special needs or learning difficulties Ideas for the use of low/no cost materials
Clear teaching guidelines for every activity Identified practical investigations, projects and topic tasks for continuous assessment Answers to all activities. The Solid Foundations Life Science Grade 9 course provides outstanding coverage of the new curriculum and is an excellent choice for teachers who wish to equip learners with scientific knowledge and attitudes and the ability to apply them to their own health and their environment.