Namibia Publishing House is pleased to announce that our Solid Foundations series of approved materials for English Second Language now includes a complete course for Junior Primary Phase (Grades 1-3).

The approved Learner's Books, Teacher's Guides with CDs, and Readers are listed on the Government Catalogue for Junior Primary. They can be ordered through the usual procurement channels or directly from NPH. 

Written by language experts: Jenny Gardner, Hayley Glass and Elise Varga, the Learners' Books and Readers are beautifully illustrated, engaging and learner-centred, making teaching key language skills fun.

Great care has been taken to integrate the School Readiness/Preparatory Programme and grammar informally, facilitate correct pronunciation of the English sounds, and steadily develop learners' reading skills throughout each year.

The course fully meets the requirements of the English Second Language Syllabus for Junior Primary and offers strong support to teachers working with multi-ability classes and learners with special needs or learning difficulties. 

The Solid Foundations English Second Language course for Grades 1-3, with all its components used consistently (as guided in the Teacher's Guides), will help teachers prepare learners to confidently use English as the medium of instruction in the Senior Primary Phase. 

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