Namibia Publishing House and Macmillan Education Namibia are pleased to introduce the Solid Foundations Social Studies series for Senior Primary Phase. The Learner’s Books and their corresponding Teacher’s Guides join our range of approved materials for the phase and thoroughly cover the requirements of the Social Studies Syllabi for Grades 4–7 developed by NIED for implementation in 2016 and in 2024.

The Solid Foundations Social Studies Grades 4–7 series 2023 Edition aims to develop learners’ essential knowledge of History, Geography, Economics and Sociology in order to help them understand the intricate relationships within social, civic, political, economic, cultural and natural environments. At the same time, the course builds the skills of research, decision-making and problem-solving, and attitudes of co-operation, tolerance, commitment to human values and sustainability.

Updated with the most recent information and developments available in 2023, the Solid Foundations Social Studies Grades 4–7 series 2023 Edition reflects the realities of modern Namibia and equips learners with skills they need to become responsible citizens that cherish a sense of belonging to their community, country, continent and the world.

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